Monday, December 12, 2011


SO. SUNDAY MORNING. GYM + ME FLABBYNESS = BEYONCE WTF. Another session of total muaythai slash karate slash awesome kickboxing hardcoreness that is Body Combat, DONE! SLAYED THAT OFF MY TO-DO-LIST! FINITO! I totally kicked arse, (kicked punched jabbed side-kicked the air is more like it) I felt goooooooood, I'd always feel so breezy and satisfied after each session, it's almost like I can just smell my fat burning. So I go to the women's locker room, unlocked my locker lalalala not remembering that earlier, I had placed my cellphone on TOP of my gym bag. So I pull out my bag and then SUDDENLY PLOP *CRACK* CRASH BANG KA-BOOOM *ambulance siren* I looked down on the floor, and what do I see? My-already-cacat-cellphone lying on the floor looking MORE cacated. I had dropped it a lot of times before, I can't remember how many times exactly, but the impact of the last fall had cracked the screen of my phone severely, the crack spread like a giant spider web. I bend down slowly and pick it up, crying and wailing inside. Touching the surface of the screen, i trace the cracks with my fingers, the inside screen was all white and had straight vertical lines instead of cute iphone icons and apps. ARGHH that moment I knew that I can never use it ever again.
OH that phone was like a family member to me, it became my best friend. it was always there to wake me up at 6 and never missed a day, it was always there every single time i needed to make an emergency phone call to my mother, or even late night phone calls, it had always been my personal mailman, my portal to the outside world without me having to actually STEP OUTSIDE. All of life's prettiness and blissfulness that my phone has captured are tucked inside the safety of its photo albums. Now I gotta take lame, blurry mental images every time I witness something extraordinary. Pfftsh what good can that do? I can't upload it on facebook at the end of the day! And how am i supposed to keep track of the time now? the date? OR WHAT DAY IT IS?! It's always been my personal reminder all this while! I'M A FORGETFUL PERSON YOU HAVE NO IDEA, SO WHO'S GONNA BE MY REMINDER NOW? That phone was my everything. That phone was ME! I know I'm being such a drama queen over it, but when the screen cracked, my heart did too. No fancy schmancy phone could replace my darling iphone. smashed, cracked, shattered, it's still my favorite, it's priceless and simply irreplaceable. NO, I REFUSE TO ACCEPT YOUR DEATH.

But you know the best and funniest thing is, I could still accept calls. And when I charged it, it still lets out a BEEP BIP sound the way it normally does when i charge it. So, it's still working in some miraculous way, and i can still use it. I just need to send it to the doctors at mac stores, surely they can fix it. Or at least try to, insha Allah. What? I am still holding onto hope, that they could somehow fix this. *Double Sigh* It's on life support as of now.

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