Monday, December 12, 2011

Ombak Rindu was as boring as Maya Karin's acting. hm, too harsh?

OMbak RIndu. Caps lock menmain pulak dah. Nevertheless! So sejak citer ni release December 1st itu hari, everybody dok kecoh about this movie, I have no idea why? A friend of mine says that its 'superb, you gotta go watch it, make sure you bring along kotak tisu, get ready for the water works!' I'm like, ok citer ni cam boleh lawan ngan Lagenda Budak Setan. (tapi that movie pun so and so, walaupun I admit, yes I cried towards the end, it wasn't allll that) So I pun poiee la, nonton Ombaks Rindu last night with Papi Chulo at Pav. ladi da di daa, movie date with Papi, watching O.R. this gonn be a great night!

IT WAS BORING AS HELL. I kept shifting my position in my seat, wondering when will this suffering enddddddd... So kesian because it had such a promising beginning, I braced myself for the awesomeness, but it never even got close to amazing. Hokay. Let's break it down shalls we?
We see Maya Karin, who plays a bicycle-riding-Melayu-sweetness Ustazah Izzah teaching little kids the Holy Quran, hence we can assume that she's a pious woman, pegangan agama yang kuat. She lives with her brutal uncle and her dying aunt, after her parents passed away. So then Izzah's uncle hatched up a plan of persuading her (more like FORCING HER) to leave the peacefulness of her village, and go to Kuala Lumpur to work there. Izzah protests, says she has a steady job and all, but then her uncle starts yelling and getting all pissed off at her, and so Izzah eventually gave in.
So she arrives in KL, we see her enter a club/disco/whatever, and we find out that her crazy brutal uncle actually jual her to the club owner. Her uncle gets some money, and the owner gets Izzah, : forced prostitution, -modern slave trade-. Izzah runs out of the club she almost gets hit by a car, Hariz's expensivo BMW, (Hariz portrayed by Aaron Aziz). Club bouncers immediately grabbed Izzah and dragged her back to the club, where she was forced to drink liquor, and they stripped her nekkid. Hariz pun terpikat with her Melayu beauty, screwed her, while she was dalam keadaan tak sedarkan diri... LET'S FAST FORWARD.

Hariz takes her in, (he becomes so freakishly addicted to her), wants to screw her every night, but she refuses, she goes like 'eh dude, marry me first, then you get to screw me' so Hariz pun kahwin ngan Izzah. But their marriage is a secret. Eventually Hariz falls in love with Izzah, becuase of her kindness, her beauty, her innocence, and Izzah pun jatuh cinta dengan Hariz, so dua2 pun in lurve~
But then Hariz's out-of-control model/actress girlfriend (Mia Amelia portrayed by Lisa Surihani) returns home from the States after completing her studies. *Dum Dum Dummmm*
She doesn't know that Hariz dah kahwin, Hariz ni pun bitau pada Mia, 'I taknak teruskan with our wedding because you're crazy, and I'm in love with someone else so get out of my life' Mia ni pun became so enraged by what he said, she went into Crazy mode terus. 'NOOOO. KITA PLAN WEDDING NI DAH LAMA DAH OK? 1MALAYSIA DAH TAU. MANA NAK LETAK MY PRETTY FACE NI BILA DIORANG TAU I TAK JADI KAHWIN? NO, NO. YOU WILLLL MARRY ME. I DON'T EFFING CARE. AND YOU WILL LOVE ME. Because I love you, my darling handsome business man <3'
So Hariz pun marries his crazy girlfriend, but he's unhappy, because he can't get his mind off Izzah. Hariz gets into an accident, terpaksa pakai tongkat. Hariz's mother, Datuk what'sherface hates Izzah with all her heart, she gets rid of Izzah secretly, without Hariz knowing a thing about it. So she plants all these ridiculous fitnas against Izzah into Hariz's head, and Hariz ni pun stupid, he blindly believes all the lies.
Towards the end, we find out that Hariz is not the real son of Datuk what'sherface, tapi anak kandung Pak Dolah who is Hariz's driver. And yes, Mia the cuckoo pun dapat yang Izzah ni is the wife of Hariz. Jeng jeng jenggg... No girl fights, thank goodness. Hariz eventually discovers that Izzah hasn't done anything wrong, it was all just a bunch of lies his mother-wanna-be had created in her evil mind.
So Hariz and Izzah lived happily ever after. Da end. NOT.

Certain things that I find a little weird in this movie.
1) The movie drags. Not in a good way. Banyak sangat scene, sampai buatkan audience resah dalam seat.
2) If Izzah ni is soo baik and religious, wouldn't Hariz fall in love with those characteristics? Okay fine, because she is a good soul, she wouldn't harm an ant, but look at it this way. You're a Muslim, cara apa lagi yang paling baik untuk kita kembali kepada kebaikan, other than selami Islam? To me kan.. Izzah tak tunjuk sangat pun those characteristics... Time dia solat pun masa bila je? Kat hospital. scene tuu je kita nampak dia sujud. lain adoo? Scene baca quran ada la jugak, but satu je? You ask yourself. Mudah ke, maaf bila cakap ye for I may be wrong, but, is it that simple, untuk seseorang yang hidupnya udah ler terlalu westernized, untuk suddenly terbuka hatinya and kembali kepada kebaikan? is it? really? okay fine, kalau iya, then kenapa takde langsung scene Hariz solat? Or pegang Quran at least?
3) Dari segi penyuntingan... er... wth? really? banyak sangat fade to black, and bila ada pun, tak kena pada masanya, or cepat sangat.. the editing was horrible. that's why, banyak sangat nak letak dalam 2-hour-movie, camni lah jadinya...
4) A line from the script that reads, 'itu bukan redha tapi pasrah' I don't... sigh. From what i learned, Pasrah erti kita berserah gitu je. no usaha no nothing, cuma lepas tangan, berserah je lah. Redha erti after kita dah puas peluh2 berusaha, then kita angkat tangan and leave it all to Allah. ugh.. to me la kan.. to me,.. after everything that has happened, good ataupun not good, something kita taknak benda tu berlaku tapi ia terjadi jugak, something bagus terjadi pada kita, something yang tak bagus yang buat kita merana meraung menangis tak henti2, (macam apa yang berlaku kat Izzah) bukan kita kena redha? That is correct right? kalau tak memang i dah terpesong jauh hahaha. no but seriously. That is the very essence of Keredhaan. Redha dengan ketentuan Allah, redha dengan apa yang telah ditulis dalam Kitab Allah Luh Mahfuz, we cannot refuse, we cannot object, we must obbey, and from there, kita belajar erti kesabaran... then later in life, kita sedar that, oh ada hikmah rupanya kenapa aku ditimpa musibah tu, ataupun, oh, alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah aku tak jadi camtu duluu.. after that you will find yourself saying Allah is The Best Planner.
But that's another story... ;) kena tulis one whole post about that hehe..

SO... my rating for this film? 4.... 4/10. *BIG SMILE!*

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  1. that is exactly what i feel after watching the movie. ingatkan macam boleh fight dgn lagenda budak setan -_-'