Sunday, December 4, 2011


i lied. MUAHAHAHA!

 Is it normal for a 20 year old girl like me to fantasize over weddings? Of course it's perfectly legit, hell, girls have already started fantasizing about their perfect wedding day since they hit puberty, so I guess my daydreaming about my very own barbie and ken wedding is normal, not an eye brow-raising issue at all. But what if I start planning about really getting married? Would that be an issue?
Back then, (centuries-ago back then) people used to get married at a very early age. Although some are forced into marriage. But that's a completely different story. In fact, back then, if you were 15 and still not pregnant, your old folks would be all up in your marriage. pressuring you to get pregnant and quickly, so they could live to see their darling grandchildren, and expanding the family tree, get the next generation running, yeahhh. But I guess nowadays it's the opposite huh? L0L.
But seriously, though. I'm certain about one thing, is that, if I were to present this idea to my family, they would be furious, they'd sit me in a dark room, shine the light in my face and start interrogating me and asking me 10001 questions till I conveniently wet myself. No, nowadays old folks are all like, 'get your hands on your degree cert first, then start talking about marriage, young lady!,' or maybe, 'Graduate, get a decent job, make lots of money, indulge with your own lotsa-money, cherish worship live the freedom of being single, then get married. end of story.' 
In my opinion (and some people may disagree) [Ladies], our parents pressure us to work our asses off, just so we could succeed, achieve the financially-steady-all-woman life is because they don't want us to live off le husbands, if we were to get married at an early age. Sadly yes 20 is way too early to get hitched, to some people. In the end it's all about whose car is bigger than whose, or her monthly income is bigger, much fatter than his wallet, or who ends up sleeping on the couch after an argument. 

Right now, I'm supposed to be fantasizing about my perfect white-garden-themed wedding, how it's gonna be beautiful and breathtaking. Picture a sunny day, you're at a wide green field where it stretches to the horizon, as far as the eye can see, white-clothed tables spread around, all aligned and parallel with one another, paired with white chairs, everybody dressed in their best, some in white, some in black macho-looking tuxedos, some in the most body-hugging, fancy-looking baju kebaya and some dressed in lovely summer dresses, and others in matching, yet very colourful baju kurung dan baju melayu.. The colours, the laughter, the gourmet food (oh very delish, I've got the best catering person in mind) and lemon-mint flavored macaroons for dessert, the women and their gossiping amongst each other about the bride and her husband, about how they met, the men huddling around the lucky groom (looking dashing and omg so handsome in white baju melayu with matching white samping, black shoes and black songkok) congratulating him, and shaking his hand, and patting him on his back, flower girls in their cute dresses running around throwing red and white rose petals at each other, their  playful giggles filling the humid air, the stolen glance between the groom and the bride (who is wearing the most beautiful white abaya, its long soft chiffon cloth flowing ever so nicely, that she is still able to stretch and walk comfortably in her white Aldo peep-toe heels, you know, to mingle with her guests, her lace-petal sleeves are long, they go up until her wrists, and topped off with her white hijab, she looks breathtaking without even making an effort), and the day would end with the newly wed couple sitting side by side, the bride laying her head on her husband's shoulder, gazing at the sunset. 

How I picture my perfect wedding, at least. hm. Damn it now I can't get it out of my head. *continues daydreaming with a sigh...*

I'm over fantasizing about lavish hotel weddings that cost more than a house, or about marrying the perfect Ken, or Robert Pattinson. Or someone famous. I think.. when you know he (or she) is the right one, you would just know it. And when the right time comes, it won't matter if you're 20, or 22, or 28 or even if you're 19! You would just know it. 

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