Thursday, June 9, 2011

This much to losing it.

 Here's an awesome tip on handling fuckery.
       SCREAM IT OUT. (this time from the heart, ladies, yes, let it all out). Not your 'RAPE! RAPE!' scream. That's a different scream, a different story entirely. Don't ask me how I would know. You don't wanna know.
       Assemble all negative emotions; anger, sadness, humiliation, disappointment, hatred (NEGATIVITY IS GOOD FOR YOU. JUST THIS ONCE.) But mostly inject RAGE.
By now, when you've mustered all that negative energy into your core, time to let yourself be heard. Loudly. (If possible, get one of those huge speakers the rockers use, those big chunks, plug it everywhere around your house, outside the better.)
{ I just- I dunno, for me, this comes fairly easy, because this is all about expressing yourself. In the most subtle way possible :) Best remedy I've ever come across yet. After unleashing 'the scream' I'd feel horrib- I'd feel great, wonderful, and just- happy! happy! after this process, absolutely, I ain't pulling no punches ;) }
Ok so now. recollect all of your bad memories, when you are at your most critical state.
Yes, ready, set? ok, ok. What else, scream, fool, scream! Break the scale of 1-10! Scream, scream, SCREAM!
Let it all out! Break the barrier that's been holding you back! Make a comeback! SCREAM, DAMN IT!

Okay, stop. OK-K, THAT'S ENOUGH SCREAMING, thank you.
Now how do you feel?
Better? Refreshed? Animated?

Okay, now get yourself up, rise from this shit of a mess, this, problem that's troubling you, leave it behind. And don't look back, kid. Never look back. Never try to fix it. That's only gonna break your heart, you're gonna think about it again, then you're gonna think about should'ves and could'ves and- it's a burden.
It's a big pile of shit, so LEAVE IT, KID. Maybe you learn something along the way, or from that pile of shit, but don't linger around it. It ain't gonna bring you any good if you do, trust me.
Maybe it's time to move on, kid.
Maybe I should follow my own advice.. hmm... Nahhhh.

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