Thursday, June 9, 2011

LOTR The Shire.

Yes I've another instrumental (orchestra-ish) music to share with yeww, and I can't promise you're gonna like it. One thing's for sure, I know you've watched this movie before. This track is from The Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Rings movie, directed by the famous Peter J. where the J stands for Jackson. I just wanted to make him sound cooler. Cause Peter Jackson already sounds cool, but Peter J. is better, no? Did it work though? Has a nice ring to it, Peter J.
Anyway, the title's called Concerning Hobbits (The Shire), composed by Howard Shore. I love this track, out of all the tracks. With this music playing, I could paint the Shire in my mind, how green and inviting the field of Shire is, rays of the sun so warm and bright, lining the village of Shire, casting shadows.
Yes of course, beginning of the music, it portrays the village, personally I think, and then it goes to a jumpy mode, playful beat, which describes the people- I mean, the hobbits that inhabit this village, they've called the Shire their home. Also, the characteristics  of the hobbits, how nosy they are, how playful they are with their neighbours next door, how they're always in a happy, upbeat mood, the 'free-drinks-for-everyone-tonight!' kind of spirit.
I just love this one.


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