Friday, June 10, 2011


She was smitten with Tuan Muda Ampang. Everytime she started rambling about him I would remind her 3 simple things :
'Don't get too excited, and don't fall too deep. Because if things don't work out, you're gonna have a hard time getting out.'

'Move slow, get to know him. Get to know other guys as well, don't limit your chances.'

'Always remember this; your family and close friends are the ones who will stay, and will always catch you if you fall. You'll always have our love and trust and loyalty, we won't turn our backs against you.'

I took a deep breath and looked at her, hoping she would understand the things I said, are for her own benefit. She dropped her head low, looking down at her hands, rotating them with her slender wrists, and analyzing her sausagy fingers. 

'I'm shaking, look,' she showed me her vibrating fingers as she said this, 'I haven't had lunch yet, let's hunt for McDonalds.' She rose up from her seat, adjusted her crumpled blouse and took a step forward. She glanced back at me. 'Aren't you coming?' 

In a response, I gave her a confused look. Was she even listening to me? What- Did I imagine I said all those things?
'Did you hear what I just said? They're some pretty important stuff, Bahirah, you should- no, must take this matter seriously. If anything happens to your rela-,'

'I know, I KNOW. Look, I'm very much capable of analyzing every single detail; the who's, the how's, the why's and whatnot. And I appreciate everything you said, okay? Okay? Just- stop worrying too much. I've finally found someone who accepts me for who I am. Even though I barely know the guy... I feel like I've known him all my life. That rarely happens to most people who've just met, who're dating. Let me make my own decisions on who I'm dating this time, okay? Could you, at least, pretend to care and be happy for me just this once?' Her light eyebrows slightly arched up, she looked like a poor stray cat pleading for more leftovers. 

'I just hope you know what you're doing. No matter how bad things may end up, you know I'm here.' I shot her a serious look.

'You're so cynical!' She mocked, followed by a huge laugh.

That conversation was over a year ago. Now, her relationship with Tuan Muda Ampang is spent more on crying than laughing.

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