Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Of music and muses.

PERGH lama gila arr aku tak update kau... well not that long but still PERGH.  I guess you could say I'm a 'seasonal' writer. ZING! ( insert laugh here )

Okay, so there's this music I wantchu guys to take a listen to. You can stop reading on if you hate Irish ( Or Celtic? ) instrumental music. They kinda modernized it, which adds a little flava to the music; with the electric guitar and violins strumming, aggressive drums in the middle for an intense climax, and I could faintly hear the piano towards the end. 

I love this music, it just puts me in the mood. This kind of music makes me think of running through long grass field towards the horizon with my arms stretched out. Or just tossing around dried leaves ( or feathers ) like someone mental, pun boleh. Or jumping up and down really, really fast ( like someone mental ) or even base jumping, laaagi boleh. OR, EVEN- Okay I get it, the song makes us all feel like doing something - anything at   all! JUST TAKE A LISTEN IT WOULD JUST TAKE LIKE 3 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE. SHEESH.

Right? Am I right or am I right? Very, very uplifting, no? *chuckles* Do you feel like base jumping now? Or running through a field? Or just doing something crazy? Maybe it's just me. *chuckles even more*  
Toss The Feathers lassie!

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