Thursday, May 5, 2011

Title? I don't know, you tell me.

Today, is not a good day for Bahirah. Who'd ever thought she would have to go through a day of immense emotional pain. Bahirah wonders, as she walks into her somber office, why is life so difficult? Why can't it be brighter, like, that feeling you get after getting candy from your mom when you were a kid? So innocent and peaceful. She takes her seat in one corner, and let her mind drift off. She doesn't usually do anything at the office, not even tiny tasks like printing, or making copies, making coffees; she's fairly new, so- oh, and she just made a new friend, like 6 seconds ago. Bahirah loves making new friends, she's extremely talkative once you get to know her (sure, that's what they all say) But, it's true. I've known Bahirah for a longggg time now, safe to say, I am one of her oldest friends, and her confidante. She tells me everything, like, there's always something she wants to update every second. Like now. She's fighting with his majesty, Tuan Muda Ampang again. *A.K.A., snuggly bubu, A.K.A, boifriend. =)
Kay, I don't know what's the deal with this guy. I know for one thing, that he doesn't hurt her intentionally, but I just wish he'd be more careful with his words.

Why is he like this? Doesn't he understand my feelings at all? He's picking on me again.. the smallest of things can become the biggest pain in the ass, I'm sick of fighting with him, but he's so - UGH. Why? Why? Whhyy is- Then suddenly an authoritative voice calls from behind, jolting her, saying,

'Bahirah? What are you doing?' He barked. Bahirah just stares at him for a moment, than flashes her biggest smile.
'Don't just sit there and do nothing, sit next to the editors, watch them, observe how these things work!' And with that, her boss left, to rain on other people's parade.
Her eyes blink once, then twice. As she's getting up, tears stream down her face. The moment she locks the bathroom door behind her, more tears start to roll down her puffy, red cheeks, she lowers her head then looks up again, only to stare at a girl whose eyes are red and watery, they could hardly hold her tears in any longer. She closes her eyes, grips the edges of the sink, and starts to scream, but her scream is silent, could not be heard at all. A muted scream. Bahirah feels satisfied nonetheless, letting out all that anger.

So, now I wanna ask you, do these shits happen to you? I mean, extraordinary, overwhelming pain plunging you into this sort of madness that Bahirah is now experiencing. I'm gonna give her a call, and hopefully she feels better after our little talk. I'll update yous all on her progress in my next next next post. But surely, we don't know when will that be, right? HAW HAW. lator gator.

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