Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tiger Shawl, Meow.

WOOOOAAAAWWWWW I hadn't been active for A MONTH WOOOAAAWWWWHGHR - Actually, in truth, I did come up with a few things, saved them all as drafts. But still, WOOAAWW.

My blog is so, very quiet, not the good kind of quiet, unfortunately, no. The kind of quiet you'd expect when you walk into an old, empty, abandoned house. You hear that? Silence. Total abandonment. Floating dust clouds in the air, you could hardly even see outside the windows because of all the freaking dust blurring the view.You take a step forward, pacing slowly through the living room; every bit of furniture is covered in white sheet - looks like someone's unsure about leaving this place permanently - then towards the kitchen. You take a look around, a quick glance at the back door, then you head to the stairs, leading to the second level of the aged house, diving deeper into its secrets.

That's how empty my blog is, but full of hidden meanings. LAWL.

So recently, I bought this reaaally pretty shawl, I call it Tiger Shawl, cause of the tiger-inspired print. And, best is, it's in black and white. and also grey, (or gray) which is rare, I mean, usually, tiger prints are usually in.. black and yellow. Like how it normally is, you know, but anyways, here it is, yo.
Damn it, pixelated.
Isn't is just purrrrdy? I love it so much, so I'm wearing it right now. tehee. Later, gator.

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