Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't make me She-Hulk you.

Do you get angry easily? So what makes you tick? Would you get angry to a point where you display a totally different character of yourself, flinging your arms everywhere in rage, shouting unpleasant things in the air, just to show that you are angry? Would you do that in public? You wanna know what you look like? An angry bear whose space and privacy is invaded. 

Lesson of the month (March) ;  Never lose it in public.

 You know what I mean.. well, not that kind of losing it, I'm saying, do not lose your temper in public, it's just embarrassing. For you, not me. Don't let go of your grip, calm yourself down, regain composure and self-control.. Exploding in public is absolutely not the only option, unless.. (your patience level is giving in).. No, no matter what, do not release your hell fury in front of everybody else. No one wants to see you all buffed and green in your ripped purple pants.  *growls* *HULK SMMAAASHHGRR* *more growling*

it doesn't matter if your anger's targeted towards your boyfriend (who always comes late to pick you up for movie dates. Ugh.) 
or the super slow service at the restaurant where you're dining at, or the lame food, or the rude waiters, or some random stranger who happens to have a problem with you, and wants to be heard. Clearly, and LOUUDLY. Random strangers, especially.

The right thing to do, is to just walk away from danger zone. See, that's where you got it all messed up : Walking Away doesn't mean you're scared, it just shows that you, are the bigger, more mature person. You simply choose not to fuel the argument more by not slamming back horrendous comments. Don't give in and Don't sink down to their level.
See? That ain't purdy.

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