Monday, November 22, 2010

Hiding from what?....or.. who?

So in my previous post I was complaining about writing and how it pressures me to write well. Basically, just how I'm so sick of pleasing people. If you guys didn't get that message, then, yeah, here it is. I like to write, not in the form of expressing myself, let alone to inspire people. Just, I like to write, period. Just, THAT'S IT, OKAY? SHEESH.

Normally I would write, mainly about random stupid things. Like how to catch a fly with your awesome jacky chan-like skills. using merely chopsticks =), or how to stop that idiot stalker from stalking you; and not using the old, traditional restraining order trick. =)

About... my life, my feelings (oh yeah don't get me started, now.) more to, uh, self-realization and all the crap that goes along with it. Yeah, and at the same time I would reflect on myself, think back all the good and bad things and all the humiliating moments that's ever happened to me, my dumb blonde momentos (I have loads of them, yes I am proudly telling you that), like that one time I got a freaking spinach stuck in my teeth, everyone kept quiet about it, (but now that I think about it, I do remember seeing a few smirks), so I kept smiling all night. Till I look at the pictures taken.

Or that other time when I asked my pal,

'what time does a 7Eleven store close at?'

She hadn't the chance to look at me, she just threw her head back laughing like an idiot. I was blur that time, so I laughed too, then she said,

'what the hell, 7E opens 24/7 that's why it's called 7-ELEVEN??'

'Oh, right..' Then a laughing fit ensued.
So, I have my marilyn monroe moments, so do you, you're not freaking perfect, MAN.

Pretty. Till she opened her mouth.
I'm guessing this blog of mine is very, very general. In other words, I do not specify on the things I write about, which can cause confusion and misunderstanding in your part, as the reader. I've only just realized that now, and I am sorry, it took me like a year to figure that out. Talk about self-realization, huh? But then if you take the time to get to know my writing, and just browse through my recent posts, I think you would conclude that I lean on more towards myself. And all other entities that are in my life. Be that as it may...

I want more readers. I feel the need to expose my writing. However, I'm not implying that I'm one kick-ass writer to say things like that, or someone who deserves  recognition or such publicity, because I know that my writing is just, so-so and I do admit that I need more practice practice practice pracjksblaisuytbqwe.

And this time I won't run back to my cave.. I feel like I've been hiding way too long.

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