Friday, November 19, 2010

Smell that, Stinky? It's not me, it's you.

Hibernation month is over hence my sudden comeback. So I'm assuming the pattern is as clear as day now; I'd publish a couple of posts, and then scram back to my cave where I would hide yet again for at least 30 to 31 days, not more not less. I have no idea why?

Anyway. I've just realized that writing is a nightmare. Yes, it's like Freddie from Nightmare On Elm Street coming out to get you kinda nightmare. Forming a brand new story for random people from around the world to read is like feeling the fine blade of Freddie's knife penetrating through your chest and the blade moving slowly down towards your belly. I hope that came out right. In a weird form of compliment to some of you writers.
*Now comes the part where all you writers unite and together form a plot to sever my head, stake it and parade it everywhere for the world to see.

1)Coming up with bonafide ideas on what to write isn't that much of a challenge, for me. Yay, I'm mentally capable of producing originality.

2)Isn't much of a struggle when it came to actually writing them out, either writing on a piece of paper, or just simply typing them out.

3)Never have been afraid of writing something offensive or controversial. I've never published them, attempted to finish them, many times before, but failed miserably. All of those times.

4)Research stage is dandy, because I love being a.. sort of a, an excavator when it comes to digging up unknown facts that most of the youngins today neglect to acknowledge.

*Note : I do not have imaginary friends. (may have had a few when I was like what, 8? So I got sick and tired of riding the unicorn and talking to strange people with wings on their backs and glitters on their faces. Wait, what? Your imaginary friends look like actual people who eat human food, and only you can see and talk to them but others can't, and bug you all day, and telling you to face the screen of your computer and write write write all day, NEVER GIVING YOU SPACE TO THINK LET ALONE BREATHE,,,, STOP BREATHING MY AIRRRRR.

I know there's jam. Somewhere.. here. I Like Strawberry Jam. I Adore Strawberries.

I know there's something jammed up there, somewhere.

I'll keep yous all posted, BYE.

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