Monday, September 27, 2010

World Tourism Day = Presentation Day

On September 27th 2010 (Monday), came the event of 'World Tourism Day'. I'm sure everyone's well aware of that seemingly eventful and important day; it seems to be the talk of people around.
Also, came the day of my presentation. I presented about a bunch of things, like the people of Malaysia, the culture that decorates the people of Malaysia, the places to visit 1 Malaysia. It was pretty okay, nobody yawned throughout the whole presentation.
I was satisfied and proud of my slides, nothing big or exaggerating, just simple and sophisticated. Although I would've liked the idea of mustering the courage to talk in front of an audience. Of course you would be nervous too, if you were standing alone on stage, with the microphone tightly grasped, a row of VIPs sitting in front of you, with a penetrating stare on their serious faces. The pressure of presenting Malaysia, representing your country, representing your people, is terribly building up.
Fortunately I gained control of myself and subside all worries and adrenaline rush.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would personally rate myself 7 out of 10.

Good thing I didn't stumble while walking up the stage. That would've been the joke of the semester.

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