Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ngetest aku eh..

Everybody's doing something they love. Would I be considered selfish if I said, I wanna do the thing I love most too, you're not the only one who has dreams, you know..
Would I be considered loser if i gave up everything, all that I've worked for, and seize everything halfway, leave my work to get what I want?
The thing is, do I need all those things?
The idea is, to find something, anything, you love most and dear, and to be somebody because of your passion, to earn significance, feeling that you truly deserve it.
Then, I'd say I'm on the right path to no-where land, and unfortunate events that pass by every now and then happen just to piss me off.
I'd say to hell with everything, I'm outta here.

I'd say I'll be damned, I'm the most self-centered person there is around. I've forgotten what my true purpose is and it's difficult for me to remind myself why I tried, why I stayed to this point.

I have noo idea anymore.

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