Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SPAIN all the way.

Bobby Moore holding the World Cup, Wembley, 1966

As to why Germany lost to Spain is beyond me when they practically massacred the Argentines 4 to nothing..Truth is, the new players are inexperienced, lily-livered clowns crowding up around the ball.. That, typically shows their fear of losing the ball, hence, revealing their depth of desperation.. Too bad, you Germans ain't much of a challenge against Hot Spaniards...
Thank you God, for blessing Puyol with headbutt superpowers...

The World Cup Final is the most anticipating event of the year 2010, I should say. Everybody's pissin' in their pants just waiting for 11th of July to arrive. I think it will be a groundbreaking game in more ways than one. The Spaniards have finally made it to the Final Round, it's their first time since.. ever. In recent World Cup years, the Spanish have only made it up to the Quarter-Finals, either that or they were simply not good enough - then. However now, they're on a roll, Coach Vicente Del Bosque would be sleeping with a smile on his face - Though I have never seen his face crack a smile, even when Villa scored a goal against Paraguay.

I am absolutely in love with Spain, that I'm starting to get Spanish fantasies.. Before, my favorite team was Portugal, because there exists such a man like Cristiano Ronaldo, whom I thought was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on... Till I saw Fernando Torres.
It was like magic; literally. He was running into the field, the camera was focusing on him, and got a clear shot of his side first, then his entire, beautifully carved face, and a pair of Brown eyes that shone innocence.. Suddenly everything was in slow motion.. I thought to myself, 'and then an angel walked by...'
Now Torres, is the only man I would nickname beautiful, because he is.. marvelously gorgeous.. And he's Spanish. Can he be any hotter?

Villa is another Spanish Hero, and it's safe to say that he would nab the Best Player of 2010 award. He has played extremely well through out the World Cup, displaying his outta-this-world skill and amazing talent. I can see it now, his legendary story in 65 different languages. The way I see it, Villa grabs an opportunity the moment he sees it, he doesn't wait a moment, he doesn't crowd around his pals, or wait for the ball to fly to him. He's such an enforcer, and I like that about him. David Villa the Spanish Hero. I cried when he scored a goal against Paraguay;
Tears of joy, they say... :')

And who could ever leave out Iker Casillas? He's one of the best goalies in football history.. Casillas' body coordination is just genuinely made for football...These men not only possess the good looks, the skill and talent, hell, they even showcase a hell of a lotta determination out there.. But most of all, I see passion in each of them. They play like magic, it's because they love it, I mean, football is practically their life, everything revolves around a field, two goal posts at each end.. And they say, when the players hear their fans shout out their names, not only gives them the motivation they need, but gives them the spirit and will to play. That's all there is to it and they live for that. That's poetic. :')

C'mon, Spain! Show 'em Goddamned Dutch who's boss, let's send 'em home!
You ain't done yet, show 'em what you got.

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