Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Destination, much?

It's either suratan or a mere kebetulan. Either it's meant to be or just plain ol' coincidence. Or maybe it's the 'OR' between them. What are the odds ey..
Maybe things moved too fast, that we lost the track of time, and things start to unravel, and then get out of hand, that we just can't control them.
Oh dear god I have no idea what to write on.. I'm totally blank.. Blank.. Blank..
Oh DEAR GOD, worse, I'm experiencing writer's block! Holy Shit.
Anyway, I'll get back once I get rid of this.. disease.

It's a bright sunny day, outside, you decide to ride your bike around the park, or maybe just around the neighbourhood. Okay, the neighbourhood. You ride your bike with pride, as you cycle swiftly out your house, and begin with your rounds. What breeze today, you wonder in awe, I can feel the wind in my faaaaacccee...

Descending down the hill, a thought hit you like a brick in the face. You forgotten to check if the brakes were alright, if the tyres were flat or plump as a melon.
In a split second, you lose control of your bike, the brakes aren't working as well as before (how convenient is that..), then you start panicking, your mind goes blank without anything close to rationality, your heart's beating like never before, as you realize that there are cars parked up ahead, stretching further down the hill, snaking down and down.. There's a curb coming up fast, and coincidentally, a car just turned and it's heading fast, right in your way. He doesn't see you, as he's busy texting on his phone. (What carelessness..) Nevertheless..

And in that very momento, you think to yourself.. What if.. I had chosen a different path? Would things turn out the same way and end differently eventually?
And, what sort of things? The same charcoal black, or just.. a plain sheet of white?
What if I had chosen a different path...

CRAASH!! BAANNG! BOOMM!! *the sound of bones crashing against the front car window glass is clearly audible* *fresh blood oozing from the sides and front of the window screens* *you hear a voice screaming in pure agony, high pitches, wanting to be heard, and realize with a sudden traumatic realization that, that voice belongs to you.*
*body rolls slowly down back of car*

You die.

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