Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's the difference?

I took the MyerrsBriggs personality test recently. At first, the results came out as INTJ, which stands for 'introverted', 'intuition', 'thinking' and 'judging'. But then I took the test again, got an INTP, the 'P' for 'perceiving'. I checked out their personality traits, their weaknesses and strenghts, what makes them tick, the whole 180.. I even went by and checked out INtJ and IntP discussion forums, real people sharing their stories, revealing their true characters and saying things like, 'ohh, I thought I was the only one behaving that way around people!' or stuff like 'I have found my people..' crap.. But who can blame them, seriously, they're content, they've discovered that there are a whole load of people out there who, coincedentally, share similar traits and what not. They should have their own label.. their own species or something.. I, for one am happy for them. Seriously. Anyway, enough blabbah..

You see there are four temperaments, Protectors, Defenders, Intelligence and Visionary. INTJ and INTP are grouped with another pair, in the Intelligence category. The other 3 temperaments have their own types of personalities..

Okay so, I don't know if it's just me and my extraordinary mood swings, but yesterday, I felt I should retake the test, because my 'nudges' kept budging me, sending me signals to retake the test, plus, going over those forums and comments, I felt really out of place and told myself, 'this isn't me.' okay so I did, went over the same questions, over and over again, and, the results came out.. different, from my previous ones. I got an INFP. Which stands for introverted intuition feeling and perceiving, which, falls under the category, 'Visionary'.

Generally, people would define INTJs as people with revolutionary ideas, feet on the ground, always being realistic, besides being the voice of reason. Really, really strategic and rigid people... 'no nonsense', straight and brief to the point, inability to perceive human emotions.. whoops, sorry, yeah I went there. =)

INFPs, are creative artists that excell in the field of art, literature and music. They can do many great things, they have the astounding, extraordinary trait that would eneable them to achieve.
So when I first read the description of an INFP, I must say, I was blown away, I never knew I had that in me, and in all the other INFPs out there, but really.. It's nice to feel like this, you belong somewhere after all. Imagination creates another realm of being, and in that, bears the seed of inspiration, where ideas are generated.
And Ideas are bulletproof.

I think intelligence belongs to everybody, not just the INTJs, or INTPs, we all have the right to claim it. It's just how you use it, defines your true self.

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