Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Emotions are closely knitted and bound together, much like peanut butter and jelly. 

I like peanut butter and jelly. Its taste thrills my taste buds.

I'm tired and sick of trying to please everyone else around me.

 It's like, standing under the blazing hot sun, and instead of fanning yourself, you fan the person next to you.

Like, the ship's sinking, there aren't enough lifejackets for everyone on board, so you give the last one to your friend who's, either selfish and thinks about himself, or literally, God forbid, does not know how to swim. You end up at the bottom of the ocean.

So you're probably thinking, (Note-To-Self; your kindness and the will to sacrifice anything for your friend is exposed), the other party is likely to do the same for you. 

What a smart-ass.. You actually thought help would come and rescue your sorry ass.

Well, think again.

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