Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sun Is No Where to be Seen.

The rush carries along with it,

A bundle of happiness, frenzied with,

Excitement and pleasure,

Secretly packaged and sealed with Hope,

That is uncertain,

What may, or may not,

What is, what isn't,

For the future holds many unfulfilled promises.

You are like the blinding sun,

That spreads its generous warmth,

And gracious light,

You are like the night's sweet serenade,

It's melody hangs in the air,

Dramatically rises, solemnly falls,

Enchants me, puts me to sleep,

As I descend into a frightful trance.

And in those unpleasant nightmares,

You, my rock, my light, my serenade, 


The wind that blows hard,

Cold gusts pierce through my skin,

The thunderstorm becomes you.

It amazes me, 

A soul so tender and soft as you,

One that brought me joy,

One that filled my days and nights with laughter,

One that has stolen my heart,

Could easily..

Rip it, mace it, and tear it apart.

Could easily..

Drown me in the vast ocean of melancholy.

Then comes forth,

Terrorizing dark skies, humorless, solemn and empty.

I watch it, with resentment,

Through tears that cloud my eyes, 

Like the skies that cloud my sunny days,

The rain starts to pour,

Like the tears that streams this face,

And the sun is no where to be seen,


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