Friday, February 12, 2010

Preview of V-Day.

I am exhausted. This week's been hell for me, what with all the fundraising going on.. March issue is on the line already, I've gotta come up with 2 movie reviews already.. Mid Terms are coming up, on top of all that.. Godd, stress is up my arse, this time. 

Valentine's Day Event was not a disappointment. It was one exhausting but satisfying event. It was my first event, organizing a real event, really getting to know the Public Relations Industry. Truly, I'm excited, because what the project has taught me, is so stuck in my mind, like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. 

Throughout this whole project, I am honoured with the opportunity to work with people. Communicate with them, cooperate with them, and level with them when negotiating on things. I am exposed to people's wants and needs, demands and their true colours. Through my perspective of others, I could truly see, that everyone has something they'd like to hide. Their weaknesses. There's also an element of each and everyone of them they'd love to display. Their strengths and commanding capabilities. 

Everyone has leadership qualities in them. Everyone is special, in their own way. Everyone is important. Revolutionary and Conventional Ideas may collide, as Black and White contrasts. But, then again, when you get past all that differences, put them aside, we would eventually have to cooperate, work together to find a possible solution to execute. Surely, we can't just sit down and wait for an answer to appear with a poof. 

Everyone has leadership qualities in them. Just look into yourself.

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