Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tujuh Bersaudara Forever! =)

Woww! Finally after weeks and weeks of planning, I have successfully brought us all back! Alhamdulillah... It mustered all of my effort and what I've got in me, to magnet them all together.. They've been busy with their college studies and examinations and other stuff.. As am I.. haha.

I hung around with my high besties the whole day today.. Very tiring at the end of the day..


It was just like how I pictured the day would turn out to be..(somewhat).. Linda and Hu drove over to my house to come and get me, with her beat-up white Satria.. hehe, very classic and indie car, kinda like an-independent-woman-at-college car.. Very appropriate for girls like us. Off we went to Eiza's place to fetch her, drove straight to Cineleisure for lunch, while we wait for the other three.

I wasn't really feeling well, so I dumped all my French Fries on Linda's tray, and made her finish them all. haha very mean of me, yes, but she loves fries, so why not? The moment Rabee, Naz and Myrul arrived, three of us girls had already vacuumed our food and were ready to go.

We.. went.. BOWLING! haha! I'm not really interested in bowling.. It isn't a favourite of mine, but, what the hell, friends' sake, and I love them.. haha, Bowling then! I had fun.. really, I did.
No wonder my mum and brother love this game so much.. And then something hilarious happened, which totally busted my bladder!

It was Hu's turn to bowl. Now, Hu, to her dismay, isn't very good at bowling, I think she's never bowled before. Ever, (Kudos to her for her amazing effort!) Nor am I, that good. Anyway. Now, unfortunately for me, I wasn't looking when it happened, but apparently, the moment Hu swung her arm and threw the bowl, she, too, followed suit the motion of the ball, and FELL! Haha, flat on her ass..! hahha.. We burst our lungs laughing.. It was funny, sorry Hu. HAHAHA!
I like laughing.

Haha, and so, Hu's falling on the floor was immediately centered as a funny bowling joke, as Naz imitated her, falling on her ass, over and over again. Good one, Naz.

Next we went karaoke! We sang our hearts out.. Sad songs, love songs, hate songs, all kinds of 'em, were included in the playlist.. Yes, and even though I was coughing and sick, my voice was one of the loudest. Hahaha! Good thing it didn't rain....

Well, the sad part is saying good bye to these freaks. God knows when I'll be able to see them again. They're one of the great things in life I cannot replace. They're one of the few people in my life that made me who I am today.

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