Friday, February 5, 2010

Negativity and Fear.

I have adapted to the way of thinking negative, ever since a child, ever since I lost a few losing battles. The moment I step on the edge to execute something I've had in mind, instead of thinking the consequences, the result of the execution, I would channel my mind to negativity. Ironically, I've always been a person who would drive wild encouragement and positive shouts and thoughts towards other people, I'd hate to see them perish in eternal failure.
My dad gave me an awesome and memorable lecture last night over dinner. He told me something I would not forget, for the rest of my life.

He said, 'How could you push it away if you haven't even tried it yet? You'll never know the outcome unless you've actually, tried.'

My heart stopped beating right then.

All these years, failure has always been up my arse. No, no, negativity. Yes, negativity. They'd bring with them one huge stop sign, to stop you from acheiving your wildest dreams, what could be, what would've been. Every freaking people on this freaking world has that black source, and I'd say majority of the people are failing because of this black thought. This, thing, is standing in our way of success, inviting us to the path of failure.
It's all in the mind, they would say. But, how you think, how you want to feel, how you perceive yourself, that automatically reflects on your thinking; your mindset.
God, it's clear to me now.. Why couldn't I have realized this 5 years ago? haha... It's the past. Let's focus on what's happening now, and what could be.

Anyway, Fear, is another thing. A whole different thing. Fear to try, fear to make an effort, fear to believe that you can make a difference. You Can. Fear, to take that one final step that summarizes your success story. Fear is my enemy. Is it Yours?

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