Monday, January 11, 2010

The Works and The Mafia.

First week of this semester is enough for me to worry about what's to happen next. PR has me on the cliff of my temper; apart from the lecturer, whom, I'd have to keep sucking up to if ever I were so caught up in getting good scores for the course, and my marketing class, which gave me one big blow in the face the instant I walked in the class. Had I known that the marketing class bear the seed of my dimwitted foe, I'd move Heaven and Earth to shift to another class, pronto. Unfortunately, to my dismay, it's too late. And to think after all those brain-busting studying I'd went through the whole of last semester, I'd be off the hook for this new, fresh semester. 
Guess Not. Fate has been up my arse lately. 
This semester, would be a tad tough for me to hack down each and every barrier. It's a good thing I've got my most trusted, freshly-recruited lieutenant to stand by my side against each formidable task at hand, Hani. Boy, she's a savior. And my side-kick; my.. conscience. It's been away for some time up there somewhere, but, the sinking ship with holes is now.. unsinkable! 

Alright, enough nonsense. Now, here, is a man, who is definitely highlighted as someone who knows his stuff, and he's gotta a lot of 'em stuff. This man has written many beautiful novels, most of 'em are about the Mafia, and of those bunch, two critically acclaimed novels, one of which was picked out to be made into a movie, a legendary movie called, The Godfather. The man, was truly a genius when it comes to his writings, a true story-teller. 
The man was Mario Puzo. I've read  four of his novels, one of 'em is the profound tale of 'The Family'. That book was truly one of kind, Puzo's plot, certainly carefully cut from the beginning to reach the climax, and the steep descend of the ending of the plot. I truly respect this man, for he was not ever involved in the Mafia. I've read somewhere, that an actual Mafia Don came up to see him, to congratulate him personally of his success-achieving books, detailing about the Mafia. The Don never really believed that Puzo never got himself into the lives of the Mafia; all he did was a hell lotta research here and there. That's all it took for him to write the Legendary Godfather.

Believe It. 

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