Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy 2010. A beautiful beginning to those who wish to kick off fresh, unload a baggage of bad habits, and focus on trying to become the best of the best. Good Luck, you'll need it. The year before has passed by as quickly as it came, like a flash of burning white light. I look back and reflect again, I'm amazed by how little success I've achieved, though grateful at the accomplishments of my efforts. However, pretending to feel great about it, won't help as much. 

I feel as though January the First of 2010, is just the same as yesterday, nothing different about the new year at all for me, though the celebration was amplified to the extent of spraying foam and spaghetti-like spraying, to food fights and buckets of water being thrown and deliberately spilled among each other. Nothing different, nothing extraordinary to highlight the transition of a year to the next. 

One thing that worries me is.. age. Of course, people would say it's not the time yet for me to think about it. But then again, the year passes like a flash of light, we would certainly proceed with our work, everyday, places to go, assignments and projects to present, exams to sit, and then again with a snap, comes the year 2011. I'm not afraid of wrinkles, or stretch marks, it's the wonderful things I possess now and especially the people in my life. It saddens  me to realize that, one day I won't be able to see or hold close those who I place dear in my heart. 
Nothing's ultimately certain now.

Back to college, return to assignments and projects, presentations and a load of studying. This year, is going to be different, for I have a brother who's going to high school, his first year, and I hope, InsyaAllah he could adapt well, learn fast and be the best of the best. For I will do just about the same and excel in my college studies, and also help him out in History and English. 

On-The-Go, 2010 !

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