Saturday, November 28, 2009


I thrill myself with photography. I'd drain my head from all the clusters of the world, and creativity and ideas will start pouring in like when you're filling your empty glass with ice water. From the base is where I usually look for ideas, how I want this to look like what, that to be over here or wherever. That's how I improvise, that's how I turn garbage to beauty. 

I appreciate beauty. I don't just help create them, but supply them as well, better than memory pictures. Though perfection is out of my league. Nobody can. Perfection cannot be applied to mere human beings. Anything at all, we produce, we create, we seek, anything at all, is flawed. There must be error somewhere. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody.
I love the things and people God created, and I love the way that He evens everything up.
I Love His Perfection.

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