Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Fray.

Funny. I realized that my blog is kinda boring; no pictures no videos no adventure. haha, sucks. I should upload a little something in this boreville. Make life more interesting.
Okay, well. 2nd semester's coming to an end. That fast, yeah. Four months of bleeding, head-cracking, eye-bursting, heart-wrenching, suicidal studying and fun. Yet, I wonder what I've acheived. One thing's for sure is that, my friends, are scoring big, a great deal. I think that's wonderful. And those who are not doing anything with their lives but kicking the side-walk can while walking nowhere with their hands in their pocket jeans, should really just get a life. haha.
People who write books about self-development aren't doing any good themselves. Their out there giving advice to the troubled like it's free and up for grabs.
People who love attention aren't sure of themselves.
People who are intelligent in aspects that has matter in life, and those who think they're just 'born with it', aren't perfect. The element of perfection cannot be applied to human, because errors are always involved in everyday life.
My writing this has nothing to do with anything that's been mentioned earlier.
God I'm just bored. haha. Yeah, I need a life.
Listening to the Fray. So far, two more presentations to shoot down and win, and.. Zero assignments to counter. As of now, Free from assignments, but might get brain virus due to lack of relaxation. Because Finals are coming like the rapid river water! Shit.