Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mr D.

Class cancelled again today. July 6th. It's been two weeks now, and he still hasn't come up with a good excuse as to why he wasn't around for the past few weeks. I don't know why this small thing has affected me, but it has a great deal. Finally, I realized something.

Mr D had something so special, that everyday I wake up to a Monday morning I'd sing happily to myself, 'On my way and you'll be waiting..'
During his class, I'd feel a joyous feeling, taking over me, the feeling itself is just so liberating. Mr D, is my inspiration. Like a needle insertion to the vein, I need him to keep me standing, to keep me going, and, eversince my first week with him, he had opened my eyes, my heart, to a new world, a domain nobody knows of but me. I, alone who can walk on both worlds, and Mr D helped me find my way there, he is the bridge, the doorway, the stream guiding me to the path I choose.

With him gone, I feel lost, like a helpless little child, who's lost, in need of a hand to hold, his mother's hand.

I cannot go on without the presence of light. The cure to this pain. As if this, is the only thing that keeps me on-the-go. He's my strength, playing a huge role, muscling through, helping me, his apprentice, to go the distance and to not be afraid of anything. He taught me that. He taught me that.

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