Friday, July 3, 2009

Family, Safety, Pleasure and Comfort.

My house, security-wise needs to be upgraded. The 17 year old rusty white gate, needs to be upgraded, to an auto-gate. 
Whenever Mum or Dad, comes home late, the auto-gate is under our command, with just a click on its button, its automatically opened, car goes swiftly in, gates closed, all is safe. 
A very, very sensitive alarm, needs to be installed around the house; Windows, Back Door, Front Door, My Room, Parents' and Brother's Room, The Ceiling, and The Roof. The alarm is triggered whenever it senses potential robbery. 
I, will be prepared. Gripping a baseball bat, I will beat the fool, mercilessly, like Al Capone beats off his traitors during a fancy dinner. 
Who ever harms my family, I will break them. 

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