Thursday, July 9, 2009

Darjeeling Limited.

                       The Darjeeling Limited, a film by Wes Anderson. 
Critics dislike the movie, probably because it was dry and limited. I, for one, love this movie and I think Anderson has a great talent just waiting to be unleashed. It's about three brothers' journey to India to 'find themselves', a type of cleanse that rejuvenates the soul. Also, to find their mother, who had abandoned them when they were toddlers. 
What I love about this movie is that, each of them, they've their own problems, and own traumas..They each carry a single peacock feather, judging by the ritual, I assume each peacock feather represents their problems. At the end of the movie, we see them perform a ritual, to which only Francis (Owen Wilson) got it done correctly. Francis had his feather buried just before whispering something to it, Peter (Adrien Brody), too did whispered something to it, only he did not bury his feather, he kept it with him. Finally their youngest one Jackie (Jason Shwartzman) had blown his feather away, as it flew to the west. 

The greatest part of the movie, is when the three of them were kicked out of their train (okay not great, actually..) because of the racket theyd made. (Funny part, by the way)..Stranded in the middle of no where, with their huge brown travelling bags tailing them, they wandered around till night crawled in. So their idea of keeping each other cosy, was to just relax, gather around a fire, with Claude Debussy's Claire De Lune playing in the background. 
Sheer Pleasure.

All in all, The Darjeeling Limited is an enjoyable movie, a soulful person (such as myself,) would love this movie, instantly. 

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