Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lost again.

I want to be able to feel again. I want to be able to know. I want to be able to write. Be able to conquer. Be able to speak. Be able to listen. Be able to see, to understand. I want to be able to discover. Why was I made this way? I know, I am of no position to question my being here, but the thought of it annoys me, Have I not made it this far and achieved my fair share of success? Have I not dominated my fears, proclaiming, 'She's done it again' ?

It breaks me. Knowing that I am not strong enough, not smart enough. It breaks me.

I want to talk to Him. I long for His Presence. I could feel, my once impregnable will and strength, breaking apart, ever so slowly, as if an empire being penetrated by its enemies.

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