Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photography vol2.

Hahaha, I laugh when they tag us as the 'photography freaks' always hogging the camera, always viewing the world as a piece of art that needs to be preserved. hahah. I won't refer to myself as a professional photog just yet, I'm merely an apprentice. I'm experimenting more and more with my camera. There's a lot more than just taking nice pictures. Personally I think some pictures are extraordinary, they're astoundingly beautiful, as they're story behind it. For example, a dead tree may be lifeless but, to me, it couldn't be anymore beautiful than the life it's lived. 

May sound pretty stupid, but I know that deep down each and everyone of us, would say the same thing, but different version. 

Trying to better myself at it, I get all the help from dad, who's in the field. um..not exactly my mentor, just my supporter. He's always critisizing my work, seriously, his 'advice' is making my work look like a piece of shit. sakit hati je. haha. But it helps, I think. Drives me to work harder. Thanks, dad. 

Thanks for the advice Sherrina, Sam, much loved. 

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