Thursday, May 28, 2009

While listening to The Godfather soundtrack, I...

I'm stuck in a situation, oh so stuck. It's either I let go or proceed. I must choose wisely. I know I want to let go, SOO MUCH! But every single time that happens, something will always pull me back. DEAD, ALWAYS. Dead. Every, Single, Damned, Time. I'm tired of making stupid decisions, being ignored, feeling like shit, just soo, not cool. noo..Let me rephrase that. What I'm tryin'a say is that, what if I interpret this shit wrongly, hence choosing the wrong path, that will eventually lead to complete and utter destruction? 

Whatever it is,

Keeping my life together, staying cool whenever there's a minor setback, so my effort shall not be in vain. I'll keep my head up high, and if I shall fall, it will be with dignity and full of grace. This is part of my life, is called Self-Discovery.

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