Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We all have something to say about football. Especially boys. It's not just about cheering on, or yelling at them for not scoring goals.. lol :)  Being a part of something that's built from a scrap, the first level of development is like 2/10, but then soon,  watching 'em blossom week by week, standing by 'em, even when they're defeated. Loyalty counts a great deal. 

The instant rush when the ball hits the net then 'GOAL!!' The Best Feeling Ever, the roars of the crowd, each individual in the stadium, or at the restaurant, or even at home watching with family and friends, could feel the warmth of unity. I absolutely Love that part of the game. 

Manchester United is my team of choice, whether they stand victorious or face shameful defeat, I would stick by them. I LOVE U RONALDO! 'THESE ARE THE CHAMPIONS'!

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