Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our imaan and Solah.

Masya Allah.. I fasted today, and faced manifold challenges. I tried to control my anger, nafs. I almost gave in, 'till the little voice in my head, which I assume to be the voice of reason, one who always saves me from temptations, saved me. I fought in the name of Allah SWT, and succeeded. Alhamdulillah...Greatest jihad is not in the battle field, but our war with Syaitan's  buttered words. Our strentgh once impregnable  can be brought to ruin, it all depends on the strentgh of our imaan. How do we toughen our imaan? Simply, by responding to the calls of Azan, and that is to pray five times a day. Insya Allah, He the Most Powerful and Most Loving will grant us hidayah.

However, I think people these days, are too exposed to the western culture, they get too caught up with the influence, that of Western society. No offence, but I'm merely pointing out examples, sorta like, 'prayin aint cool anymore' or 'so what? im young, let me live, man'

Masya Allah, what if Allah takes you away from your loved ones tomorrow? You got hit by a bus, kapoosh, died. Well? Would  you still think praying 'aint cool' ? 

Most people forget Who they live for, and that is Allah. The Supreme Creator and His Creations.  There is no other God but Allah, put your faith in Him. It's okay if you still dont want to perform solah later on, but during Qiyaamah that is to come, Allah will be judge on that very day, and the first thing to be sucked out from our body are the deeds of Solah.  The First.  If there are none in you, the only path for you is Jahannam. 

I speak, only to remind those who forgot. And no, not because I'm a goody-goody. Ive got better stuff to do than kissin'-up alriite?? 

And another thing, I am a khalifah, you are too, we all are! Our job is to remind each other, help each other out! Do yourself a favor eh? 

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