Monday, May 25, 2009

Men and Jokes. whats up with that?

ive experienced love. though sometimes i feel awkward talking about it. strange how, when two people, adore each other, the more they keep their distance. i feel completely lost,  unfulfilled and just plain weird.. The Holiday soundtrack is the soundtrack to my life. ive never felt this way before, truly. melancholy. but ive made up my mind not to think about it too much, i rather give my all to my studies than thinking about somebody who's off jollying around, i am no one in particular to him, merely a friend to his eyes. i hate this part, its a gut feeling i get whenever i stop liking a certain someone, instinctively, my mind will reject others. in general. systemshutdown. but uh, this will only take like a few days, then im back on top. but usually would be pretty tough, depends on my sturdiness. 

what i like in a guy, great sense of humor, loyalty, good communication skills, clever. but, i dont know, im half way there, so, it isnt fixed. yet. :)   i hate a guy who's judgementive and sarcastic. i think thats just plain annoying and disgusting. if ur trying to be funny, making jokes outta people isnt necessarily gonna make u one. heck, not even close. in the next few weeks, people are gonna start to ignore u, avoid u and eventually hate u. thats the sad truth. The Truth. 

im so caught up with college assignments i dont even know whats the date today. quizes, due dates, if i leave 'em everything will collide and go to pot. study je lah kat phuket.. 

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