Friday, May 29, 2009


I like the lyrics to Gabrielle's  'Sunshine' song, currently it suits my situation. For now. 

Flaws and all.. 
I am overweight.
I procrastinate
I am lazy.
I give up easily.
Patience? Very limited.

I know, I've detected so manyy errors, yet, I am not taking action. I'm just staring at it. 
 They bring out the very worse in me.

Why I'm worth it:
I mean what I say; good and bad side of things.
I'd work my ass off for the best result there is.
I am loyal to my friends.
I'm the kinda person you'd wanna have lunch with.
I'm the kinda person, who, coincidently happens to be there when you're in a sticky situation. 

Made a wish, I can dream
I can be what I want to be
Not afraid to live life
And fulfill my fantasies

I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life
You helped me find my paradise
When you came, you were like 


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