Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just got back from Phuket, Thai. Went with my family along with Uncle Lan and Family. They are officially our travel buddies. Everywhere we go, Langkawi, Bali, Perhentian Island, we'd always travel with them. Next trip, Europe!! They have my trust and respect. Anyway, it was a blast there. Entertainments to the max, the beach was extremely amazing, we even visited the pirates' location, which is preserved to this day. It's private property but open to tourists. Must be one heck of a location. Hm, let's put that on my to-do-list; check out Phi Phi Island history. Maybe I'll post pictures later.. places, restaurants. Haha, and the most funny thing was, that we only ate tomyam the whole 5 days! There's this extraordinary tomyam soup called 'Tom Seafood", it was so so spicy, yet soo addictive.. so, my eyes were watering while eating

Next destination :  Florence, Italy. 

Now, back in Malaysia, I gotta keep my head in the game. Once again. Mid Terms comin' up. Andd.. I aint studyin'. Which is why I gotta focus now, or not, I'll lose my life. But then again, theres this voice, kept poppin' in my head tellin' me, "man it's only midterms..not yer finals.."

Voice Of Stoo-peed..

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