Monday, June 11, 2012


AsSalaam, guten tag fellow audience. Yes i have decided to try to learn to speak German, despite only achieving as far as "hello", it's a start. Why, German and not French or Italian, you ask? because freaking Mesut Ozil, that's why. Your argument is ever and forever invalid. Need to be prepared for when i meet him soon in the near future. Besides, it's pretty interesting, even though all I hear is "DAS askdjbfkvr jasdhf HEIR TOILETTE DAS sdkjfhruinHEIDI KLUM kjasdhklfjaseg BMW. :)" 
i'm determined to learn and explore new languages. 

So I don't know if you've read my previous blog post, which is about.. a little part being about me and a whole part about tips at the gym? and I've realized that I carried the jokes too far, and it's unfair to those who love going to the gym, and not feeling the way i described in my post, and also to boys who just started gyming, and girls too. So, i apologize, it was thoroughly my fault, i have a bad sense of humour. it works in reverse, i don't even

my friends told me joking is one thing, being sarcastic is another, and my blog post didn't fit into either one of them. also, my other friend who's a muslim, whom i respect completely for slapping me in the face with her 6 paragraph reality, sorta jolted me out of my own fantasy world, and is the reason why i have decided to write a new one, excluding bad sarcasm just straight up tips and tricks at the gym. for reals

Okie dokes : 

1) yezza. Getting on the treadmill. Adjust your speed, it should sync with your own stamina, i dont know if that made any sense, but just, start off with 5.4, and gradually go up to speed. If you feel like having a good run, or a simple jog, go for 8.5-10. Some people with extreme stamina even go up to 12. but that's like high speed running. You should stop immediately if you start to feel dizzy, or tired. Slow it down, back to 5.4, if that's still too high, go slower to calm yourself down, regain your energy. Take it up a notch or two, when you feel ready to start running agian.

2) you know, the air walk (i don't know how it's correctly spelled lol sorry) is pretty excellent to work on too. You work on that for 1 solid hour without stopping, is good enough for a day's work out. It's the same process, adjust the speed, and you can go as fast as you want, or even as slow.  This works sorta like the treadmill, only you have to move your hands and legs simultaneously, they have to work together. 

3) What else? To be honest, I spend like 2 hours at the gym, doing just that. lol. 

4) There's this awesome arm work out, it's like you're rowing the boat, you can definitely feel the pressure on your biceps and triceps when you're working on that. If you'd like to buff those guns out, try this machine. tomorrow you'll absolutely feel something. Pain.

5) I advise the lot of you, to seek out pro instructors for help and consultation before you begin with any weight training. they're nice enough to brief you on what to do and what not to do, so you'll always be in the safe zone. If not, you might sprain or even break something in your body without knowing it.

6) If you get bored of working out by yourself, join LES MILLS aerobic classes. they're just mindblowingly awesome i dont even know where to begin. There body attack, body jam, body pump, RPM classes, and last but not least, my fave, BODY COMBAT. LOOL. i'll write some more in my next post, gotta head to class now. Goodbye. Salaam.

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