Monday, February 20, 2012

O Allah... I long for that day....

Would You still accept me after all the things I've done to You?

Would You even look my way when I call Your Name? 

Between sobs and tears, between whispers in the night,

Afraid, Humiliated, Terrified, Guilt, Shame, Regret,

These humble feelings I bear in my heart,

As I present myself before You. 

neglecting the Holy Quran Kareem and Sunnahs,

forgetting one's true purpose,

letting one's self be devoured by Dunya and Nafs,

destroying one's self from within, game over,

you will be judged in the Hereafter.

My heart and soul yearns to be one with You again...

Shame is pulling me back

Guilt is holding me back..

Am I worthy of your Forgiveness...

Am I worthy of your Love...

Am I worthy...

Am I worthy...

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