Friday, February 10, 2012

I'll title yo ass!

Brain : SO... When you're about to write a blog post.. And you're just sittin' there, starin' at your laptop screen, the insertion point blinking at you back. Don't you feel annoyed? You like the idea or writing something, but you just don't know what to write, where to begin. How to start writing a damned good post. What are you thinking about? The amount of people that just so happens to hop by and stumble upon "Her Life Behind The Scenes"? Do you really honest to God care about that? 

Heart : Of course I do. I mean, sure, the stories I write may so be crappy and most of them don't even make any sense and I get that there are dozens of other amazing, talented writers out there who are, least to say, better than I will ever be. I don't even consider myself as a writer, in fact. I'd be degrading the culture itself, if I were to include myself in and declare myself as one.

Brain : Be that as it may, you still need me to balance you out. Can't just go around spilling heart, soul, emotions, feelings and Willy Wonka Chocolate World in your posts.

Heart : I'll Willy Wonka yo ass if you don't STFU.

Brain shuts down automatically as Mahira begins to write another boring post.

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