Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Break ups are Hard. Never Easy...

1) SO if a person you barely know and talk to even though he lives in the same neighbourhood as you do ( just around the corner, right opposite of the playground, to be exact), occasional Hi's and Bye's whenever, comes to your house for like 5 minutes to tumpang your internet because his was not working. What do you do? Well what can you do, smile appreciatively and let out awkward laughs every now and then, you should be ok. Laugh at everything he says. Even though if it's just,

"Hello there neighbo-,"

"Ahahahaha-haha...  Ha." Big Smile. 

2) Mom decides to cook her 'oh, mama's-home-cooked-pasta-french-italian-bolonais-pepperoni' Pasghetti Daging for dinner. You ate rice and chicken for lunch that afternoon. Makan je, the werd diet does not exist in World's Dictionary. Pardon? Diet? Is that like some kinda food? Does it come with fries? 

3) One o'clock and you just realized that it's AM and not PM. Also nothing good is on the telly at this hour. Besides that, it just dawned on you that the date t'day is Febuary the First and Febuary is actually spelled FebRuary but we've all gotten used to mentioning it without the R but that dozen really matter. On top of that, you had to find out about this through your friends' status updates who, are, not only helpful to remind you of the date and day, but also that much annoying for posting irrelevant and jakun-fied statuses. 

3 1/2) One other thing : That awkward moment when you simply want to forget what day it is, and primarily the date, because it instantly reminds you of your anniversary with your ex-boyfriend. A year ago you celebrated this day as a couple, happy and looking forward to the future, waiting for more good things to suddenly occur in your life and they come in many forms of pink and purple rainbows and smiley sunshine faces and Barbie unicorns and singing in the shower because you're in love. Obstacles? Bring it. Constant fights/arguments? No sweat. Rain or shine, we'll make it through. Nothing can part us but death itself. 
AND then a year later. Had I known that our relationship took a turn somewhere and ended up here, in this state, I would still change nothing. I am glad you are gone. I am excited for myself, embarking on a whole new year, new journey, alone. Adjusting and adapting is my motto, man. I'm a Lone Ranger, always have been, and damn it, I can survive on my own. I don't need a 'boyfriend/lover' to define me.

4) Who am I kidding.. Break ups are devastatingly hard, heartbreaking and overwhelming. They're never easy, kids..

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  1. 3am and i still cant sleep . well , u sir, have a good sense of humour :)