Friday, January 13, 2012

What a Journey.

I've got enough bullshit on my plate, I don't need any of yours. Must you make a fuss out of every little thing? I mean, really? I'm already overwhelmed with so many things (Alhamdulillah), and I would say, I'm doing pretty good, adjusting and adapting well, thus far. Except that other day Dr-I'm-a-smart-ass-PHD-Dude-that's-why sorta ruined my day by doubting my essay-writing-abilities, saying (Say this in a British accent) "Right, right, yea.. And no, I won't be groupin' you, only you'll be given some individual course works, and yea yer Finals... Writin' essays, yea? Could you write?"

And in my head I'm thinking, 'Er ya insha Allah boleh la kot?' and just settled with

"Yeah, I hope so...."

I'm not being cocky/berlagak/poyo or macam good-good je, but, dude.... I'm a little hurt by whatchu said, bro... I believe I am able to come up with decent pieces, I suppose. Well, I'd go with this : Just cause you have a blog, and write shit in it, does not mean you're Jodi Picoult. Not necessarily. To me, if you have interest in that subject, familiarize yourself with it, learn it, absorb it, made love to it, then yay, you pass, no shitty essays. So.. Imma do just that. And then rub it in everyone's faces. Haters Gonn Hate, right?

But whatever, this isn't about Dr-I'm-a-smart-ass-PHD-Dude-that's-why anyway.. I truly do not want my personal life to be all over the place. Messy. Chaotic. Mayhem. Hellish. Whoops, too late, already is. (FFFFUUUUUUU) So when this happens, things will definitely blur my vision, I'd lose sight and crash into a fucking tree.

'Mahira, Mahira.. See that long straight road there, reaching to the horizon? All you gotta do is drive.' Ughh, I know, this is such a cheesy way to end a blog, but it's supposed to be the old, 'last line of a blog post must be motivational' that's my motto for this blog here, and that's all I got for today.

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