Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RE-lax, people of the world. It's only 2012, not the end of the world..

Happy Twenty Twelve.

Happy, indeed. I glanced at my alarm clock, and immediately heard something familiar, which was coming from outside my house. 'So... it begins..' Fireworks were exploding like mad outside, as if we were in the middle of a war field. Neighbours of all races were gathering and huddling together, little kids in their tiny pyjamas, covering their ears and everybody was looking up. Craning their necks, some even had their kids on top of their shoulders. Their faces lit up with amazement, all were mesmerized. For a moment, they forgot their worries and uncertainties and future, none of them uttered a single word, they just watched, wow-ing and aah-ing and ooh-ing at the sight of it; gold strips splitting the blackness of the night sky, and bursting into thousands of showery tiny gold pieces.
While all of this was going down, I was laying flat on my kitchen floor, arms and legs stretched out wide forming an X, just listening to the gunshot-like sounds of the fireworks.
I wonder why are people so hyped up about new years. I mean, it's just another year, nothing so special about it. Amazing to think, that for just one night, we are all gathered in one place, casting away all our worries, our fears and troubles, one night could melt away all the differences we hold against each other, one night could cast a spell on us, and suddenly that separation that's been dividing us suddenly melts away, like some kinda sorcery. People, take it easy, nothing to get too excited about, in the end, it's just another normal Sunday. I just- I dunno, maybe for those who love to partay and hang out at night would get extra super excited over it. Just don't piss your pants ok.

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