Monday, November 7, 2011

Lovin Bruno M.

It will Rain is from the Twilight Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Hey you know I've always thought twilight shit and bruno's shit don't mix. I mean, instead of peanut butter and jelly, you opt for honey and mayonaise. It's a shitty metaphor, but this isn't about metaphors and shit, so just drop it.
I wasn't very fond of twilight before, cause it's just wet with teenage saliva just drooling and oozing everywhere, it's so tainted right? and disgusting, but it's so freaking addictive. you're at a point where, at first you're all disgusted and grossed out by something, until you're just so in love with it. That means you're at the highest level of hating it so much. Grossed out level 10/10.
I'm making excuses, aren't I?
I LOV TWILIGHT! OH I AM SOO TEAM EDWARD! That stupid jacob what'shisface can suck it! oh sure he maybe beautiful and just gahh but Edward won the girl, I mean, c'mon. *WINNING*
So that's all about the first song there, on to the next one. First time I heard this, was on the confessions of a shopalic film starring Isla Fisher, but at that time, they used Natasha Beddingfield's cover of the song, it sounded so beautiful, I felt like I was breaking inside, so I searched for the song and tralah! There you go, Natasha Beddingfield ft BRUNO M. But truthfully, they never sung this song together, not officially, at least. This guy made a really cool mash up of both of their covers together ( Le video there ) No shit the first time I heard it I thought they actually made a duet together but no. So take a listen, theyre both awfully sweet songs.

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  1. reminds me of how much i hate jb. but then i caught myself singing along to all of his song. damn -__-