Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gee thanks Stephanie!

*Ahem. Hem, hem.* And now for my 125th post, ( Insert applause here ) I would like to inform all of you that I now have 16 followers. I am happy. so happy I could diee- no, not really.  I've had this blog for what, 2 almost 3 years now. 16 followers is, definitely, something. sigh. But hey, the number of followers isn't everything, right? it's all about if you're a good, pleasant writer who writes good, pleasant/boring stuff.  some really talented intelligent people could get like 50 followers in no time, while others like me, just, well, Stink.

I have no idea what came over me yesterday. I felt a little extra happy. To the point where I felt like bursting my lungs out singing in the kitchen, ( WHICH I DID. Neighbours' dogs howled at my singing. hm good or bad sign?) I even tied my hair up in two cute-cinderella-like pony tails. PONY TAILS. (they were SOO adorable so cute with ribbons and everything.) pony tails make me happy. My darling hair was just right yesterday, unlike other days; phewh major bad hair days. But yesterday was SO DIFFERENT. yesterday was PONY TAIL DAY. 

Anyway tomorrow's Eid. Everyone seems to be excited about tomorrow. Great. How exciting. Happy Eid-Al-Adha to all Muslims. Salam.

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