Monday, November 14, 2011

Bahirah finds love again.

"I don't get it. Why do people listen to love songs? What's the point? Love songs are like romantic movies, they just lift your hopes up of finding 'true love' and your imagination takes off like that *snaps fingers* Stuff like that don't happen in real life, everything's just a joke to get people to believe that true love exists when it doesn't, so they can just be miserable and stay that way for the rest of their god forsaken lives. Don't you think you look pretty stupid? I mean with your earphones in your ears, you just get lost in the lyrics as the music sways you into your own world; your imagination keeps poking you with a stick going all, 'come with me,'
It's bloody tempting as hell I know for sure. Oh, but it doesn't last long, child. Unless you've secretly created some random portal that nobody knows about, one that lets you go in and out of your imagination whenever you frigging want. Yeah. I doubt that. Someone grabs you by your shoulder, shakes the rainbow of imagination out of you, and slaps your head. Mr Reality Check is here to bring you back to Earth, back to your boring old miserable life, back to assignments, exams, chores, work, electric bills, headaches, sweating in your work clothes, YELLING LECTURERS, HEARTACHES, CRITICIZING PARENTS, UNREQUITED LOVE AFFAIRS, SMELLY ANGRY BOSSES, MORE WORK, MONDAYS, LONELINESS, ANDDD, and...  Whoop-dee-doo, what joy.
So what're you gonna do then, huh? Still gonna fool around in dreamland or snap out of it and get your head in the game? ~WHAT TIME IS IT?!??! SUM-MERR TIME IT'S OUR VAC- sorry i get carried away sometimes *girlish giggle* Child, I just don't see the reason whyy must you be all emotional and listen to the same song for the thousandth time. And another thing; why look for comfort in sad love songs, hm? Aw, they make you feel better? OH HELLLLL NO. You're just- "

Bahirah stops talking midway. She hits the pause button on her recording tape and looks out the window. From a distance she could hear a rumbling sound. What? Is it gonna rain again? Ugh. Wait a minute. No.. I know that sound.. that's the sound of a car engine. He's here. A decent looking sports car pulls up in front of Bahirah's house, and the rumbling suddenly stops.
He's here. He's finally here outside my house, wait- he's coming out of his car now and- *DING DONG* and he's ringing my doorbell! He sure looks good in that shirt. Oh that's right, I bought him that shirt! *tiny chuckle*  Bahirah opens the door, unlocks her grill, and looks at him. He smiles softly at her. Ah, that smile. That childish boyish smile I keep picturing in my head every time I think of you. How long has it been, my love? 

*PLAY* "Forget everything I said earlier. True love is knocking on my door right now."


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