Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Finally. I had my background changed, from ancient brown to a more fun, juicy colour, kinda like, lollypop-ish pink colour, I'm pretty sure the change of the background would make anybody fall in love with my blog, as I already have countless of times.. ( pardon my Vain Momento ).. I had my blog title photo replaced as well. The photo was very picturesque, it was of an eagle spreading its broad wings, flying towards the horizon, towards the sun as it was setting, in a very light, sunset mood. Puffy clouds blent with a soft sunset colour of pastel peach, that surrounded the magnificent bird made it look real, as if it was taking us on a journey along with it, wherever it was heading..

So then.. I thought it looked pretty old, after comparing it with my new pink background, they don't blend in well together, I decided to change, or maybe, replace the spot with a new one. The first effort, was a picture of a very happy looking sunflower(s). The whole cross process effect made me fall for it more, because I'm a sucker for photos that are cross-processed. I think it has something to do with RGB, although I am not absolutely certain. Here it is;

The photo was kinda small, and it didnt really fill the space I wanted filled, so I changed my mind. Second effort, the idea was to pull at least 3 pictures together, and compile them. Preferably horizontal. I wanted more cross-processed sunflower photos, but I have no idea why the internet couldn't supply me with the sufficient amount of photos I wanted, which is kinda weird.. *bummer* 
So I came up with a new idea instead, assembling my very own personal collection of photos from my portfolio. In the past, (not very distant) I traveled with my camera a lot, (even though I don't own a DSLR) so I snapped here and there, snappety snap, snip. And I learned how to edit them photos after, ( I don't use any fancy software to edit my photos, just the basics like picnik.com) 
The first photo, 'Starbucks on the edge' was taken at Pusat Bandar Damansara, as well as the third photo, 'Sunlight'. The second photo however, was taken in Melaka, while I was visiting the Botannical Garden. It was fun, I drove the mini car. Photo is named 'Sun flare'.

I love what I'd done to my blog, giving it a little boost, fresh look. To this day- no, yesterday, I thought that my blog needed to look the way my thinking works, i guess? Somber, nostalgic mood, with a pinch of emo-ness. WELL- NOT ANYMOREEEEE HOMBRE. I is spreadin my wings like that birdy. Happy reading!

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