Saturday, September 24, 2011

list of things to freaking waste money on.

I wanna buy a new book. a novel that's worth my time to read. that spells d.r.a.m.a. the right way. an unputdownable book. what? unputdownable does exist! people use unputdownable all the freaking time! It's a word, yes. i am now making it a new, usable, appropriate word, now it's a word.

thaaaaat's.... not best-selling, no it doesn't necessarily have to be the most famous book ever.. the best books i've read are- okay nevermind what i said.

something that would lift my imagination and, like, start it up once again, cause i think it's pretty dead.

something thaaaat's.... NOT. TWILIGHT. and, i'm not just saying this because everybody's hatin' on twilight and Meyer... but because there are teenage saliva all over it, and it's just draiiiiining to read.

I also wanna buy a new blouse for myself. pretty flowing blouse, about the same price as my novel. that's a total of RM100 so far...

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