Thursday, September 29, 2011

annoys me when i'm facebooking.

ugh you know what I hate? Honestly seriously for reals, for reals you wanna know? No you don't.

I'll tell you anyway.  You know what annoys me? Eiugh.  When you're going through a friend's FB profile, hm, preferably a GIRL, and she's all skinny and pretty with pretty flawless skin and flaunting it, and she knows well that she looks gooood in anything she damn wears.
So then you see one comment going all, ' you look gorgeous babe! ' and then this GIRL is all like, 
' nawww i look FATTTTT, like i gotta dieeet, like one cheese cube a day diet, i'm so fat the rolls on my back make a good stash, ugh, like, ughhh ' Full Stop here. Really? REALLY? I am this close to whooping yo ass GIRL. if you're fat, i must be obese then. sumo wrestler obese. you're anorexic and stupid. i rest my case. 

you know what else annoys me? people who pose with their money. they would hold it up, like a fan, with that gangsta look plastered on their face, and just, pose. what. are. you. trying. to PROVE? that you have money? ok sure, i think the fact that you are awesomely loaded is not hard to comprehend, better yet, ignore. I have money do you see me taking pictures of it like i'm some freaking geisha?

THIREEE. (3)- people ( guys girls it don't matter ) who post the same status two or three times. THE SAME, STATUS, REPEATEDLY. i can't think of an insult right now because my stomach's hurting over the fact that some people are just so desperate they would, sink, that, low. Yes. Get up, step away from your computer, you lonely cow, and get out of your house make some real friends, why dont you? Beats having draining conversations with people you barely know, and people who are just pretending to be your buddies. UGH, UNFRIEND. 

and FOURTH. wait, i don't think i have one yet. YET.  stay tuned.

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