Monday, July 11, 2011

Temporary Break-Ups. Who Likes 'Em?

Any ladies out there on a temporary break up? Here are some 'skipping-time' ways to let loose.

Babysit your darling baby cousins. It'll take your mind off your messy relationship for a while. FOR A WHILE. Have fun with them, take them out, for ice-cream, or to the theme park, or to the movies. Unleash the kid inside of you. Once in a while, it's okay to act like an 8 year old holding two cotton candies.

If you're not a fan of little children cause they make you feel uneasy, then why not go out with your girlfriends? They'll make you feel better in no time. At the same time, they'll supply you with awesome girly advice, that you're sure to bounce back up and get your gear on. (In my case, i ain't got no friends. that many friends/girlfriends to share my life with, SO... my journal would be my personal advice-supplier. Stop mocking me, they can be extreme advice-suppliers when the occasion calls for it.

No need to put away your lovely pictures together.. Leave them where they are. Photo booth pictures of you on the fridge, in cute heart-shaped photo frames, in your purse, wherever you stash them, Leave Them Be. Even though your minor break up will only take you less than 2 months.. Remind yourself that you guys are taking only a short break from your relationship.

Turn off Babyface right away because it is highly unnecessary to assemble all emo songs there is and putting them into one sad playlist, playing them over and over again. Don't be such a sappy ass, get a grip! Get upbeat happy tunes to your ears right away. Just think, he's over on the other side of the wall, having the time of his life, and you're locked up in god know's where, keeping to yourself, with Pieces playing on your ipod, wearing black. Who died, pal? your dignity.

Take that chance, now's the actual time to truly analyze your the flaws of your relationship, what went wrong the last time you fought, don't just go out there blaming on your guy, reflect on yourself too, because sometimes, we the imperfect beings neglect or, overlook these tiny mistakes we make. It might just be his fault, or yours.
Maybe so, he isn't the one who looks back to check what went wrong, but someone has to.

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